Housing For Animals

Welcome to Chambres Alsace Jura. We are a group of people focused on providing homes for animals who have been abandoned or have no home. You have no idea the number of animals that will get abandoned per year. Each year there are more and more. If you are thinking about getting a new pet, please consider adopting one instead of buying one from a breeder. There are many animals who need a home, and people just want the newest and shiniest puppy or kitten. Instead of buying a cute puppy, go ahead an adopt a cute dog!


There are so many benefits of having pets. They’re great around children and elders, and they just bring joy to everyone. Dogs are great if you lead an active lifestyle. Just remember, if you’re getting a dog, you’ll need to make time for them. If you’re just looking for a companion, cats are great for that! Many seniors adopt cats because they’re easy to take care of and are also great for a snuggle.

Please do some research before purchasing any pet, and make sure you have the proper requirements. If you don’t think you can handle the responsibilities of having a pet, do not get one. If you’re thinking of adopting a pet, check us out for more info!